Olive trees
The Solar Being

Entering a field of olive trees in the movement of summer.
Listen to the song of the presences of the multitude of solar beings, the olives, lay your feet on the recently ploughed earth and gently let it carry you and walk.. walk…
Meet the olive tree, dive with your hands into the earth of its roots and let this presence resonate all the way to your heart, lean gently on the trunk and be amazed by its magnificent soaring towards the sky. After recognising one another, rise in a spiral and crouch in the heart of the branches, accompanied by the song of the cicadas Let yourself be guided by the message of opening towards the sky, lose yourself in the light of the leaves and discover the fruit of the sky and the earth. In this great movement of life offer yourself to the world and listen to the call of mother earth through her infinite cycle. Abandon the branch and enter the cycle of the seasons. In this journey through the elements, the movement of our body will become dance and consciousness, through the experience and the ancient memory reawakened by contact with the Olive Guide.