Training in Sensitive Dance®

three years for group conductors

The three year training course is designed for people conducting somatic movement groups, in particular people with experience of Sensitive Dance® and movement practices and techniques who
wish to get involved in a teaching project.
The Advanced Sensitive Dance® training is a three year course which proposes a return to the fundamental bases of movement and the expression of being through an itinerary in the studio and
nature, organized in residential seminars over the course of the year which expand the experience and skills of each participant in their own field.
It involves in depth interdisciplinary study of the cornerstones of the somatic discipline Sensitive Dance®. Throughout the three year course the dynamics of SD® movement will be taught and studied in depth experientially along with detailed study of subtle listening, the world of birth, creativity and phylogenesis… thanks to our qualified teachers.
The next ASD® training cycle, the seventh, will begin in May 2024, to download the project click here.

biennial for performing artists

The second training course is designed for performance artists, especially actors, performers, circus performers and in general artists who perform live. The course lasts two years with three weeks of
residential seminars each year, which explore bringing your presence into the performance space working on the dynamics of relation and movement through the fundamentals of SD®.
The seminar is conducted by Claude Coldy with the help of other teachers of the subtle listening workshop and experiential anatomy, and the workshop on in depth study of creativity.
This is the fourth edition of this two year course and will begin in autumn 2024.